099 Preamplifier



The development of the new Classic Line preamp 099 was driven by the ever-increasing use of digital music sources. It offers users six inputs for the connection of digital signal sources such as satellite receivers, set top boxes, game consoles or computers. With Burmester’s award-winning D/A conversion technology all these signal sources are augmented and perfectly integrated into a high-end system. Of course, the 099 also accepts analog signal sources via its three balanced inputs. The sampling rate for digital conversion can be switched between 96kHz/24bit and 192kHz/24bit, depending on personal preferences.

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While its appearance emphasizes the plain and the essential and even forgoes a display, the performance of the 099 preamplifier is anything but. It combines the top of the digital and analog realm with its versatility and the ability to bring out the best sound from connected signal sources.


The exemplary manufacturing quality that is typical for the Burmester brand is undeniable in the 099 preamplifier. It is carefully assembled by hand in the Berlin factory and its design and electronic performance fully meets the expectations associated with Burmester components.


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