Home automation systems help to simplify a wide number of events that commonly take place in your home.

Control your Home Automation System from Anywhere!
Home Automation systems aren’t just limited to the footprint of your house. Audio & Video Expressions sells, configures, and installs systems which can be controlled from a remote location. Common control points for these systems include your work PC, your iPhone or any smart phone, or an iPod Touch. Along with high speed internet service, we can install a system that will enable you to control your home automation system from anywhere you happen to be.

Home Automation Control Devices
Today’s technologies give you a wide number of control interfaces to choose from based on your needs and desires. Common home automation control devices include:

  • Wall mounted or wireless color touch screens
  • Customized keypads
  • Intelligent, programmable universal remotes
  • Wi-Fi connected devices like notebook PCs, iPod touch, iPhone, or any smart phone

Common Home Automation Functions
The home automation industry is booming with networkable solutions. By sharing in open industry standards, it’s relatively easy to create custom automation solutions for your house. A few of our more common home automation functions include:

  • Adjusting the climate of your home by controlling your HVAC system.
  • Controlling the home’s exterior lighting prior to arrival.
  • Controlling blinds and/or lighting to execute pre-programmed “scenes.”
  • Playing your favorite music or movie in any room of the house, with the touch of one button.
  • Monitoring security cameras inside or outside the house to check in on children or pets.
  • Setting up Green Modes to optimize energy usage and save money.

Get Started with Planning your Home Automation Solution
Whether you’re looking for help designing, installing, maintaining a new system, or you just need a source for home automation products for a do-it-yourself project, we’re your source for home automation help in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York areas.

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