SL-Matrix Plus Digital Coaxial


The SL-Matrix Plus Digital (75 Ohm) starts with the original design of the highly regarded Magnum Digital interconnect and adds network technology from the Oracle Digital cables to eliminate undesirable reflections and false signals that can damage the digital waveform. The SL-Matrix Plus Digital will present the listener with a lowered noise floor and a “jitter free” signal, providing a huge soundstage without loss of detail or density. A remarkably musical interface that sounds more analog than digital.

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Features & Benefits:

Meets Mil spec MIL-C-17 construction
.445″ overall diameter, includes PE braid
.999999% oxygen free copper
PE Dielectric-Reduces distortions resulting from non-linear, dielectric-based, energy storage.
Outer shield braided-95% coverage equals greatest signal rejection


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