SL-Matrix 39 Speaker Interface



MIT Cables’ core audio cable technology is our exclusive Poles of Articulation, named after the fact that every audio cable has a single point where it is most efficient at storing and transporting energy. At this point in the audio frequency spectrum, the cable will articulate best, and represents the cables’ particular Articulation Pole.

The SL-Matrix 39 speaker and suggest paring with the SL-Matrix 26 audio interfaces (available in both balanced and single-ended configurations) are the result of a two-year project to miniaturize and improve the hallmark MIT network systems. Designed as a paired system, the SL-Matrix 39 speaker and SL-Matrix 26 audio interfaces excel in the all-important midrange octaves for increased realism and naturalness of voices and musical instruments. Special attention has been given to the critical region between middle C and A440Hz, where most vocal and solo instrument information resides. This adds to your enjoyment of both music and movies, as all of the fundamental frequencies and first several harmonics are presented in perfect balance with each other.

MIT’s SL-Matrix 39 represents 30 years of MIT innovation, distilled down to more affordable price points.

Also available in Bi-Wire configuration. The SL-Matrix 39 Bi-Wire has 40 Poles of Articulation.

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