MIT Z Duplex



The solution to unwanted system noise: parallel filtering.
The Z Series of power products from MIT uses patented parallel “AC Filterpoles”™; a tuned LCR technology. MIT Filterpole technology eliminates reflected energy by efficiently attracting all forms of AC noise from the mains and discharging it to ground, converting it into harmless thermal heat.

Z Duplex—the perfect way to retrofit AC line conditioning.
Designed to be easily installed in new or existing wall outlet receptacles, the Z Duplex is the perfect solution for that newly installed or upgraded home theater. The result? Once the Z circuitry is working to clean, condition and protect your AV system, you will instantly enjoy “blacker” blacks, deeper color saturation, and increased shadow detail; movie sound tracks come through with much clearer dialog. Foley sounds and background music become more distinguishable, with theater-like quality. Because Z Filterpole technology lowers the noise floor, you will enjoy pinpoint audio image placement within a lifelike soundstage, all with clear and authoritative bass.

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Features & Benefits:
Three patented, parallel tuned filters engineered to remove noise from any 50-60 Hz AC power line. Unlike the common series filter, the Z Duplex will not limit dynamics, or reflect noise back at the source (amp, etc.)
Elimination of common mode and differential mode noise:
For video: reduced noise results in improved black levels & color saturation, and improves overall realism and depth.
For audio: improved dimensionality, better detail and improved dynamic contrast.
Designed to fit in standard electrical junction boxes.
No special tools or adaptors needed.
Installs in minutes!
Ideal for all analog components.


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