Oracle Z-Cord Reference FP, 2m



The Oracle Z-Cord Reference FP features the same proprietary hard wound cable as the Oracle Z-Cord Reference and includes 7 Filterpoles. The unique winding topology combined with the highest quality silver-clad conductors and the finest dielectrics, and adds MIT’s patented Filterpole technology and housing it in the same billet aluminum enclosures as the Oracle interconnects protecting the passive parallel networks from sympathetic vibrations, resulting in an AC power cable that exhibits an extremely low noise floor and reduces dielectric distortions to well below the audible level. The benefits of this intense attention to detail are greatly improved dynamic contrasts, improved low level detail, and proper image localization and stability.

Powerline noise can be introduced to your system either directly from your appliances and tools for example, or indirectly, when the line itself acts as an antenna to inject external radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Today, more sources of noise exist because of all the digital equipment in our homes and offices.

Powerline noise affects both our audio and video signals, as well as slowing down the digital data streams on our networks. Audio can be affected by distortions introduced in contaminated equipment, and can manifest itself as subtle grainy distortions, compressed imaging, and unnatural or harsh timbre.

Similarly, video picture quality will suffer in the form of slight graininess or snow, especially in darker pictures. The level of contrast and depth of field are affected, as is the natural detail that comes from accurately passing very high frequencies. In extreme conditions, line noise can create visible hum bars and color shifts.

MIT’s Z-Series power filtration products feature our patented parallel AC Filterpoles, which includes specially-tuned networks for eliminating reflected noise and converting it to harmless thermal heat, discharging it to ground. This is done by creating a very low impedance across the load at a variety of frequencies corresponding to sources of unwanted noise.

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