Our finest stereo line preamplifier with an external power supply unit

A preamplifier is the center of an audio system. Linea represents our quest for excellence in selecting and delivering signal from the source to the power amplifiers, while providing for volume level control. It offers musical enjoyment through refined dynamics and low distortion. Linea is unique due to its extremely short signal path with only one active stage maintained in the simplest topology. It is complemented with carefully selected parts and a state-of-the-art output transformer.

Linea has a robust external power supply for delivering unconstrained sound dynamics and impact. At both micro- and macro-levels, dynamic shadings and headroom seem limitless. The deep, tight, accurate bass is complemented by the transparent and liquid mid-range with the sense of openness and lack of compression in the upper frequencies.

To address the need for separate subwoofers or auxiliary components, a secondary output with a preset level is provided. Linea also offers buffered output with the level control, ready for bi-amplification. The chassis is made of solid aluminum for best magnetic neutrality and resonance control.

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Dimensions w×h×d:
410×185×410 mm

Weight: 14 kg
Tube Complement:
2×6C45P; 2×6N1Pi;
Dimensions w×h×d:
410×210×410 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Tube Complement:
Stereo line preamplifier
Triode tubes
One Active Stage for shortest path
Zero feedback single-ended
Class A circuit featuring low noise and incredible transient response
Extremely high quality output transformer, built with special materials
Real point-to-point wiring
Buffered second output with level control, ready for bi-amplification
Four RCA Line Inputs, one RCA direct Input, one XLR Input
Unbalanced and balanced outputs
Output Impedance 130 Ohms allows for long output cables
External 2A3 based power supply
Optional remote volume control
Non-magnetic aluminum chassis


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