Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System


The Brooklands Wall Mount provides a component isolation option when floor space is limited, with sleek architectural style and superior vibration control compared to typical wall suspension systems.

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The Brooklands Wall Mount has Multi-Stage Isolation™ as well as six degrees of freedom in an efficient hanging system inspired by the original Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular.
Design your layout with multiple independent primary shelves, or add 2-3 subordinate shelves for a maximum stack of 4 and maximum 200 pound load.
Spirolox retaining ring provides neat and secure wall attachment for the suspension rods which are a long stainless steel version ofthe GP Threaded Link.
Custom Delrin wall mount has a Sorbothane interface to the wall, and custom molded Sorbothane bushing to attach the shelf for redundant damping at attachment.
A Carbon Fiber support frame independently suspends each shelf with custom Sorbothane shelf dampers which can be tuned for specific weight-loading to optimize component performance.
UPGRADES: Upgrade with smoked or black Acrylic Shelves, or increase damping with Formula Shelves which match finish of Carbon Fiber supports.
Shelf Dimensions: 23.5”W x 18.6”D
Space Requirement: Please refer to Brooklands Mounting Layout (under Manuals)
Materials: Carbon Fiber, Delrin, Stainless Steel, Acrylic.
Upgrades: Formula Shelves, smoked or black Acrylic shelves
Weight-bearing Capacity: 200 pounds per shelf or stack standard


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