Monaco Modular


The Monaco Modular Isolation System is Grand Prix Audio’s debut modular, 3-leg isolation product featuring our signature shelf supports–a customer favorite!

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Height: 7″ or as ordered
Shelf size: 21″ W x 23.3″ D Weight without ballast: 14 – 18.5 lbs. depending on shelf thickness
Weight with lead shot: 20 – 24.5 lbs
Weight-bearing capacity: > 150 lbs
Ballast capacity: 6 lbs
Materials: Carbon Fiber epoxy chassis platforms, 304 Stainless steel support columns, 6061 T6 ;Aluminum support column closures, Stainless steel “True Vector” couplings, 304 Stainless steel spikes, Sorbothane, Acrylic
Contact your local dealer, distributor, or Grand Prix Audio for pricing.
The Monaco Modular is a versatile option with superior Multi-Stage Isolation™ in each module!Build a SMALL (17.75”) or LARGE (23.3”) unit as tall as you would like with modules in three stock heights to mix, match, and even build one piece at a time:
Base Module 10.25” opening and two shelves
Extra Tall Module 9.75″ opening single shelf
Tall Module 7.25” opening single shelf
Short Module 5.5” opening single shelf
TrueVector™ Coupling for perfect vertical alignment when connecting modules no matter your configuration.
Features 2” diameter 304 Stainless Steel Columns manufactured with precision CNC machining standard in black texture or smooth metal finish, with Twin O-Ring Decouplers between modules and column caps in the same finish to mix or match—and custom colors are an upgrade option.
Carbon Fiber shelf supports have Sorbothane interface for vibration control, and standard clear Acrylic Shelves come with custom Sorbothane tuning dampers.
All Grand Prix Audio isolation products come complete with chassis and shelves, appropriate weight-defined dampers based on individual customer load requirements, and Spiked Base Coupler.
UPGRADES: Custom heights in both SMALL and LARGE modules; APEX Footer, Special Edition (SE) Shelf Supports with added Kevlar, Special Edition (SE) Columns with center aluminum tubing and SE Polymer fill in the outer ring for damping; Acrylic Shelves also available in smoked or black, or upgrade with Formula Shelves.


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