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The B25 loudspeaker is a veritable all-rounder. Despite needing little space it offers tonal depth and involving musicality. It cannot deny its pedigree, showing the same basic qualities that distinguish the larger speakers in Burmester’s portfolio. The B25 dynamically reproduces music with power and substance and fills even larger rooms with the life-like sound of voices and instruments.

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The B25 loudspeaker with its classic, timeless exterior is available in dark makassar wood or light elsberry laminate. For a modern look try silver metallic enamel. The slender cabinet size is made possible by side-mounted woofers. This speaker is easy to place and to integrate into any home ambience.


The cabinets are made in Germany by specialized craftsmen. The process to achieve the required quality is complicated and costly. For the correct sound dissipation the ports for mid-range driver and tweeter in the outer silver-colored baffel have to be routert four times, spackled and sanded twice and covered with three coats of enamel. Visuals and acoustics must go together on the highest level.


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