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Burmester’s mighty S8 subwoofer takes over the role of the “low-note factory“ in your high-end chain. With great authority the 126 lbs colossus delivers acoustically refined volume and bass, even at hurricane-like levels. Owing to its punchy, straightforward low-frequency reproduction, it lays the unshakable foundation for the three-dimensional sound impression.

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The cabinet is made from ultra rigid MDF boards of 28 mm (1.1“) thickness. Internal bracings, the metal heatsinks and the 5 mm (0.2“) rear panel holding the electronics and finally the separate chamber which offers an acoustically sealed compartment for both the amplifier and the control circuitry, provide extra stiffening for the cabinet. Felt-like mats of varying thickness on the inside of the cabinet walls serve to dampen vibrations. This Burmester typical feature renders the bass of the S8 incredibly fast and contoured and very
transparent even with low volume levels.


The S8 is driven by two high-performance power amplifiers with an overall output of up to 2,000 watts. The two side-firing woofers can do
super long strokes and thus reproduce even ultra low frequencies at very high levels. Its compact, aesthetically appealing design makes it the ideal partner for all loudspeakers of the Burmester portfolio


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