ACC 169 Articulation Control Console



The moniker Note Perfect was chosen by Bruce Brisson to represent MIT product or products that meet or exceed his best expectations. Look for this symbol of excellence when working on systems that are intended to return performance without peer.

The ACC 169 and 173BW are the first of the three performance levels, suited to any high resolution speaker that is dynamic and well powered. The unique enclosure is designed to allow the large Music Hose® to couple with the face, or dashboard end of the enclosure, while the output tails exit the opposite end nearest the binding posts of the speaker. This allows easy access to the ACC controls for swift and accurate setup. There are 169 Poles of Articulation inside at work preserving a delicate and complex musical signal. At the same time it is storing and delivering reserve power to the driver complement, whenever additional energy is required by the audio signal. When either the ACC 169 or 173BW interfaces are installed in a top-tier system, a musical presentation will seem faster and begin to “pop” and “hang in space”, while remaining articulate and “easy” or “open sounding” in detail.

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ACC Design considerations:
The stylish CNC milled solid billet aluminum enclosure used for the ACC 268 is the largest MIT has ever produced. This is warranted both by the size of the internal parts as well as “proximity sensitivities” that must be considered as the parts are located. Articulation control consoles include several new anti-resonance schemes, including internal surface alignments and new methods of isolation.
Machined enclosures:
The internal parts of each ACC interface are primarily handmade and require about 200 hours of labor to complete. Each component is meticulously matched, piece by piece. every part is positioned and hand soldered in place. The complexity and number of networks involved require more internal space and insulation from vibration. This is managed by mounting and isolating the network assemblies on an internal plinth, eliminating sympathetic resonances that can affect playback. The result is imaging of unprecedented clarity and dimension.


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