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Note: THE VPI HW-19 is no longer in production but still has available upgrades.

First it is worth mentioning that this table is so old that there is no virtual footprint/location to find a picture of it. The above picture of the HW 19 is from an old family album from when Harry and Sheila Weisfeld (original founders/owners) had the HW 19 in the background at a CES show.

The HW 19 was the first table Harry had developed after being commissioned to create an isolation base for Denon. The HW 19 had the following features:

Aluminum platter with 1/8″-thick by 2″ wide lead cemented underneath.
Suspended sub-chassis
Aluminum pulley
Regularly paired with the Jelco Profile or Audioquest PT5 tonearm
Dust-cover included

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