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The HW-19 Mk. III is the logical next step in the progression towards realistic musical reproduction. All the weak points of the Jr. are addressed in the Mk. III. Better yet, the improvements incorporated in the Mk. III are available as upgrades to the Jr.

The Mk. III changes the platter to a black acrylic material incorporating a six pound lead ring. This material is closer to the makeup of vinyl itself, providing more effective absorption of the vibration generated by the moving stylus. The inertia of the platter is four times that of the Jr.’s, resulting in more powerful bass, quieter backgrounds, and greater clarity.

The subchassis changes from one inch thick MDF to a non-magnetic, 10 gauge, stainless steel sheet laminated to a 1/2″ shiny black acrylic top plate and tonearm board. The tonearm board is removable for easy arm changes.
This rigid, highly damped subchassis system is then floated on four concentrically wound springs for improved vibration isolation, and a more open and airy soundstage. The entire floating system uses damping in the springs to control random motion. Upgrading to the Mk. III subchassis results in tighter bass, greater detail retrieval, and a lower feedback level.

Lead-filled, black acrylic platter
Four-point spring suspension
AC synchronous motor
Fully-damped subchassis
Precision “O” ring drive
Acrylic dust cover

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