ST M25 MC transformer



ST-M25 moving coil transformer is designed exclusively for the SPU Mono CG 25 Di MkII and SPU Mono CG 65 Di MkII.

The voltage output of these cartridges is too low to connect to the MM -INPUT terminal of amplifiers or phono-equalizers, resulting in inadequate sound volume. ST-M25 is specially designed to increase voltage by 12dB to match MM input of the ordinary amplifiers or phone-equalizers.

These cartridges supply the same monaural sound from both L/R channels, therefore L/R channels of the cartridges should be connected through ST-M25 and amplifier to the final output “speakers (L/R) “. You can enjoy robust sound of monaural sound coming from L/R speakers.

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ST-M25 transformer Technical data

Frequency:10-100 kHz (+/- 1 dB)
Step up:12dB (1 kHz) CA/CG 65 D (i)
Input impedance:5 Ω – 50 Ω
Load impedance: > 47 kΩ // 200 pF
Dimensions: 65mm(W) × 39mm(H) × 98mm(D)
Weight: 410


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