Solista is a single-ended integrated amplifier — a preamplifier and a power amplifier combined into one unit.

The integrated design of the Solista is meant to simplify the product’s installation and use, so that you do not need to worry about interconnect cables between separate amplification pieces. Solista delivers the same standard of authentic and realistic sound as all Viva Audio products, without any compromise due to the integrated design. There is no sound compression in the audio delivery.

Solista, along with all other Viva Audio products, has no sonic signature — nothing is added or taken away from the natural sound delivered to the listener exactly as it was recorded.

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Dimensions w×h×d:
430×250×520 mm
Weight: 35 kg
Single-ended integrated amplifier
Triode tubes
Tube Complement:
2×6C45Pi; 2×6SN7GT; 4×845
Zero negative feedback pure class A operation
Real point to point circuitry
Four inputs, one direct input
Palladium plated proprietary solid copper binding posts


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