SL-Matrix 50 RCA Audio Interconnects


The SL-Matrix90 speaker and the SL-Matrix50 audio interfaces create additional poles of articulation in the network, optimizing the musical intervals within each octave, resulting in a High Definition (HD) presen- tation. The SL-Matrix90 speaker when paired with the SL-Matrix50 HD interfaces excel at maintaining the timbre of the individual building blocks of the musical foundation of the recording – the percussion and bass instruments – allowing your system to reveal the true textures of a musical piece from its foundation, on up. By controlling articulation from the deepest bass regions up through the critical middle C region and beyond, the natural harmonics of the percussion and bass instruments are maintained in their original and proper relation to their fundamental notes. This results in the timbre and textures of the rhythm section being faithfully present- ed as a whole. It is these critically essential textures that allow a system to recreate the layering of instruments within the soundstage–the ulti- mate end game in high-end audio, so sought after by audiophiles.

The HD presentation of the SL-Matrix90 speaker when combined with the and SL-Matrix50 interfaces provides a naturalness of response at all frequencies, and results in not only more realistic timbre, but in accurately rendering the acoustic space of the recording venue. The SL-Matrix 70/36 Series reveals depth and space between images, and very fine resolution of spatial cues. The soundstage is larger and deeper, with a greater sense of vivid “air” in which the images exist.

The MIT SL-Matrix 90/50 audio interface combination will give you true state of the art performance in your system, retrieving all of the musical detail present in your recordings, at a price level never before attainable. Compared to ‘just cable’, you’ll hear the recording’s full natural timbre and tonal balance, deeper sound- staging, and a highly detailed and resolved sonic tapestry and resolution.

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