SL-29 Phono Interface


Get the most from your vinyl recordings with the MIT Family of Phono Interconnects—
29 Articulation Poles
The SL 29 Phono interface features upgraded MIT articulation networks developed with technology derived from our SL series interconnects. New and smaller networks that are remarkably easy to match allow Multipole circuitry to become more focused and significantly quieter than any conventional phono interface.
Bruce Brisson insisted on three reference requirements that the SL 29’s “350” network enclosure should provide, with a target price of “less than $ 5000”:

1. More Poles of Articulation – Multipole technology, tuned to the exact analog frequencies that create a seductive sense of “liquidity” most commonly associ- ated with the sound of analog tape or vinyl recordings.

2. A silent background – Quanti-Shield technology. MIT looked at new shields and discovered that more is better along with improved grounding circuits to create an “empty canvas” to “paint” on.

3. Impedance Matching Network – to make cartridges and stage amps or preamps work with less reflection and less noise insertion from reflected energy.

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Features & Benefits:

Hand wound coils – known for more natural timbre and combined “through-mount” hand soldered PC technology
SIT” Stable Image Technology – critical to image definition and creation of the sonic envelope, or space
Impedance matching – tune your phono interconnects to various cartridge impedances

More on Impedance matching circuitry: using the unique sliding selector built into the network enclosure selecting 47k ohms, 1000 ohms, or 100 ohms (with the switch on the network enclosure), you can insure the precise matching of MM or MC cartridges to preamplifier input impedances.


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