RS 160


  • KLEER lossless audio transmission for interference free reception
  • Audiophile-level transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets for clear and detailed audio reproduction
  • Compact, portable transmitter can be operated from a wall outlet or via AA batteries
  • Multi-receiver mode- Up to 4 Sennheiser KLEER headphones listening to the same source
  • Digital volume control with mute function
  • Leatherette earpads (part # 534470) and headband cushions for outstanding comfort
  • No complex set-up required – Just plug into the analog audio outputs on your audio source!
  • KLEER technology will not interfere with wireless networks or other 2.4 gHz devices
  • 2 year warranty
  • note while the sound quality of these headphones is fantastic for any type of music, they were not designed for use while recording/tracking and monitoring or musical instrument practice (performer wears the headphones while playing).


  • HDR 160 headphone (receiver) with leatherette earpads (part # 534470)
  • TR 160 (transmitter, part #534476)
  • Multi-country AC wall adapter (part # 534480)
  • Headphone charging cable (part # 534479)
  • Detachable audio cable with 1/8 inch connectors (part # 534486)
  • (2) AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • *note* The transmitter does not have any battery charging capabilities
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This versatile wireless headphone system gives you high-quality audio with freedom from cables almost anywhere. The compact transmitter runs on AC or battery power. Closed, circumaural design shut out noise.

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