Oracle MA-X Phono Interconnect


68 Articulation Poles
MIT, using hand picked, precision matched networks, reconfigures the V1.1 internal components to allow you to tune your Phono interconnects to various input settings. By selecting 47k ohm, 1000 ohm, or 100 ohm (with the switch on the network enclosure), you can ensure the precise matching of Phono cartridges to preamplifier input impedances. As in the V1.1 audio interconnect the V1.1 Phono has added another level of performance with enhanced spatial cues and a much more dimensional soundstage. Articulates effortlessly from front to back, left to right with lots of air around every instrument. Finally, the V1.1 boasts even more significant improvements over the Shotgun and Magnum Phono interconnects in shielding, low level detail and extension. This product utilizes the very best materials and attention to detail throughout.

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