Legendary Viva Audio experience
in digital domain.

Numerico’s CD transport is encased in solid aluminum for stability and mechanical vibration control. It is painted with a special high-tech colour with the inherit ability to absorb laser emissions, thus limiting its interference with the DAC’s performance.

All internal connections are hand soldered using our special high-purity copper litz-like wire wrapped with natural silk.

The analogue output stage is meticulously designed using an extremely short signal path topology and select custom esoteric output transformers that Viva Audio is known for. We dedicated our full attention and know-how in making the Numerico emotionally interactive.

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Dimensions w×h×d:
408x162x380 mm
Weight: 9,7 kg
Power consumption: 17W (max)
CD format: Red Book
Disc compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW
DAC inputs: USB, coaxial, optical (option)
Analog output: stereo RCA
DAC: 24 bit / 192 kHz


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