HDMI 3D Digital Cable


Music Interface Technologies has over 25 years of design innovation and more technology patents than any other cable manufacturer. For the best performance in a home theater cable, use the best cable–MIT.


HDMI Ethernet Channel • Audio Return Channel • 3D • 4K • Content Type • Deep Color • x.v.Color

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Silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper center conductors–ensure highest signal-to-noise ratio.
Heavy-duty 26 gauge–minimizes signal loss and delivers better detail.
Nitrogen gas-injected (foam) dielectric–for improved velocity of propagation (faster signal throughput).
Triple shielded to eliminate extraneous noise–for excellent RFI and EMI noise rejection.
CL2 and CSA/FT4 rated for in-wall installations–safely and conveniently hide your cable inside a wall!


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