G-02 Master Clock Generator

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Talk of the flawless sound produced by an audio system connected together with a high precision master clock has been circulating between high-end audiophiles in various forms. The three dimensional effect of the sound stage gives the listener an actual feel of, say, the high ceiling of a concert hall in addition to the width and depth of original performance. The listener is treated to a pure and focused image of the playback sound that gives a sense of reality as if one could reach out and touch it. When the final note of the musical instrument fades away, you almost perceive the gradual silence like the color of a dark veil. This is truly an ultimate achievement of audio playback that “conveys music” so close to the original sound it leaves an unforgettable impression on the listener.
With the aim of enhancing the true potential of ESOTERIC digital players, the clock generator “G Series” was redesigned as a new generation of devices with improved functionality, power and flexibility.
G-02 uses a high precision oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) that provides optimal stability as an audio clock. This next generation clock generator can output a master clock of 10 MHz and 22.5792 MHz, perfect for controlling both audio and computer based devices.

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