961 MK3 Loudspeaker



Despite its moderate size the 961 MK3 loudspeaker surprises with a huge sound stage and impressive power level stability. The almost perfect spatial imaging puts voices floating in the middle and fills the listening room with music of the highest audiophile quality. Precision in the lowest registers is the strength of the woofers, equipped with glass fiber cones. The lightweight Kevlar cone of the mid-range driver offers convincing detail, openness and musical transparency. An Air Motion Transformer (AMT) provides quick and precise highs.

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With its timeless, elegant design and a quality of finish that attracts not only eyes but also fingertips, the 961 MK3 loudspeaker sports as a special accent a chrome front plate that bears the same engraved Burmester signature as the electronics. The speaker cabinet is available in Makassar, Elsberry or silver metallic aluminum laminate.


The 961 MK3 loudspeaker is assembled by hand in the Berlin factory. Before being mounted drivers undergo a careful burn-in procedure and are then computer-matched to perfect pairs. This ensures identical pairs of speakers with no more than 0.5 dB difference between each other over the full frequency range. This costly process is necessary to create the highest-quality speakers, which have established Burmester worldwide in the top tier of loudspeaker manufacturers.


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