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The new Burmester 150 Network Player is the perfect addition to a Burmester MusicCenter or a music server from a different brand. Besides streaming music from a UPnP Player the elegant-looking 150 can also play music from a USB stick, offers access to a wide variety of internet radio stations or play music from a commercial streaming service.
Burmester’s network products achieve the perfect combination of convenience and high-quality sound. They represent the best the new era of digital music has to offer. However, they shine not only with their outstanding musicality but also with their ease of use thanks to the Burmester iPad® App. This app, which has been developed by Burmester offers intuitive, relaxed operation of all functions of these complex network products. The seamless integration of the music streaming service TIDAL into the Burmester app opens easy access to more than 25 million music titles.

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The design of these new digital products leans heavily on the well-known elements of Burmester components such as clear lines and the characteristic chrome front panel. Only three LEDs are visible on the front panel besides the Burmester name and the type designation. They indicate the operating mode. However, the simple exterior hides a most complex cutting-edge product with a multitude of functions. With respect to visual appearance as well as top-notch sound quality the 150 Network Player fits perfectly into the Burmester product portfolio.


The mirrored chrome front panels of Burmester components are legendary. They are carefully manufactured by a German supplier and then checked at Burmester under a special lamp to ensure that they are flawless. The same exacting quality standards are applied to every stage of the manufacturing process in the Berlin factory.


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