A-03 Class A Stereo Amplifier

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The grandeur of a Stradivarius; the clarity of a Steinway. The original master tapes record each and every part of the music’s essence, ranging from the fine flavor of individual sounds, or the beauty of a symphony when those sounds are richly blended, to the ambience of the concert hall and the enthusiasm of the audience.

ESOTERIC’s Master Sound Works concept pursues the vivid reproduction of these elements. Born of ESOTERIC’s years of experience in the development of state-of-the-art technology, this is our latest evolution in sound quality: the Class A Stereo Power Amplifier A-03. An elegant figure with enormous potential —-its beautiful presence and exceptional output heralds the cutting edge of audio amplification.

In the A-03, you encounter vivid sounds of unprecedented intensity, bringing you an even more intimate relationship with your music.

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