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Preamplifiers are the the heart of any high-end music system controlling input selection, the critical first amplification stage, volume and balance functions, and the all important electrical isolation between sources and power amplifiers. Place the BHK Signature Preamplifier between your musical sources, such as a phono preamp, DAC, tuner or auxiliary source–and your power amplifier–and magic happens. Suddenly you are enveloped in a wealth of musicality you’ve not yet experienced: deeper, wider soundstaging, improved separation of instruments and voices, Subterranean bass, extended highs, and an openness you have yet to experience without this instrument in the system.

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Unit Weight 22 lbs [13.5 kg]
Unit Dimensions 14” x 17” x 4” [ 36cm x 43cm x 10cm]
Shipping Weight 31 lbs [19 kg]
Shipping Dimensions 20.5”x 24” x 10” [52cm x 61cm x 25cm]
Power requirements

Input Power Model specific 100VAC, 120VAC, or 230VAC 50 or 60Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Audio inputs

Coaxial RCA single ended
XLR Balanced 5
Input Impedance
Unbalanced (RCA)
Balanced (XLR) 33KΩ minimum
66KΩ minimum
Audio Outputs

Coaxial RCA single ended
XLR Balanced 2
Analog Audio Output

Output level 4.0 Vrms
Output Impedance <100Ω
Frequency Response
+/- 0.1dB
THD&IM @ 1KHz (full scale) <0.03% Bandwidth -3dB 0.1Hz – 200kHz DC Triggers +12V 2 Headphone Performance Output Power 300Ω 16Ω >
4.0 Watts
S/N Ratio 1kHz >80dB
THD & IM 1 volt out <0.02%
Output Impedance <0.5Ω


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